playas formentera

Beaches in Formentera


Playa ses Illetes

The beaches of Illetes, at the northern tip of the island and the nearest to the island of Espalmador (just 150m away) are the most visited by tourists and therefore the busiest. This area can be reached in any vehicle, although it is recommended to walk or cycle there to better enjoy the landscape and to contribute to its environmental protection, because of the continual passage of people. In addition, part of this area cannot be accessed with vehicles, only on foot, because of the irregular ground. The Illetes area is one of the most complete in terms of leisure facilities: water sports (sailing, sky sailing, etc.), restaurants, kiosks, deck chairs, sunshades; basically everything you need to enjoy a whole day on the beach. There is also a seagoing boat service linking this area with the port of La Sabina and the island of Espalmador and also Ibiza, which makes transport and access to other places of interest on the island much easier.
Sercices: Bar Bin, Blue flag, Diving school, First aid, Lifeguard, Lounger, Pedalo, Restaurant, Sailing school, Sunshade, Water sports.

Playa Llevant

Also at the northern tip of the island, but in the eastern part, as its name indicates. It is also a large beach and, because it is in the area nearest to Illetas, it is quite busy. However, because of its length it is possible to find quieter, lonelier places although, of course, there are still restaurants and beach bars. Its proximity to Illetas makes it possible to walk around all the beaches in the north of the island.
Sercices: Bar, Beach volleyball, Bin, Car park, Lifeguard, Lounger, Pedalo, Restaurant, Water sports

Playa Sa Roqueta

Small inlet between Es Pujols beach and Levante beach, with the island of Ibiza in the background. On it you can enjoy all the water sports offered by Formentera just a short walk away from the Es Pujols residential area.
Sercices: Bar, Beach bar, Bin, Car park, Lounger, Pedalo, Restaurant, Sunshade.

Playa Es Pujols

Magnificent beach in the tourist area of Es Pujols, where you can find all the services: accommodation, shopping, restaurants, water sports. It is separated from the residential area by a pedestrian promenade where hippy souvenir stalls are put up in the evening. Es Pujols beach is made up of stretches of sand and stretches of low-lying rocks where you can find the fishermen's huts, where they keep their boats. In front of the beach you can make out small islets, offering beautiful views. A quiet beach for the whole family to enjoy. There is also a ramp and a chair adapted for disabled people to go in the water.
Sercices: Access for disabled people / walkway, Bar, Beach bar, Bin, Car park, Lifeguard, Lounger, Pedalo, Restaurant, Sailing school.

Playa Migjorn

It can be said that Migjorn beach is one of the biggest on the island, as its sand stretches along a large part of the southern coast, almost from La Mola to Es Cap de Barbaria. These two points, which are quite a way from one another, can both be seen from this beach. Its large extent and geographical position make this beach one of the least busy and it is therefore one of the most peaceful on the island. This does not mean, however, that there are not typical restaurants and bars right beside the beach. At its end we find a smal cala denominated "Es Copinar".
Sercices: Beach bar, Bin, Car park, Diving school, Lounger, Pedalo, Restaurant, Sailing school, Sunshade, Water sports.

Playa Es Caló

Small refuge for fishermen, where you can taste the sea in a maritime environment. The beach is small and the La Mola cliffs can be seen on the right. We recommend visiting the area and the nearby restaurants.
Sercices: Bar, Bin, Car park, Lounger, Pedalo, Restaurant, Sunshade.

Cala Sahona

This small beach, despite its limited size (it is hardly 140m long) is one of the most beautiful you can visit. Its characteristic tranquillity and beauty make this cove a place not to be missed for tourists. It is surrounded, of course, by restaurants and bars, where you can eat or cool down with a drink while you enjoy the marvellous views it offers of the nearby island of Ibiza or, without going so far, the coast of Punta Pedrera or the lovely Punta Rasa cliffs, which can easily be accessed on foot as they are hardly 10 minutes from the beach.
Sercices: Beach bar, Bin, Car park, Lifeguard, Lounger, Pedalo, Restaurant, Sunshade, Water sports.