sant jaume

Festivals and Events

Night time in Formentera beats to the rhythm of jazz. The peace and serenity of the Island night accompanies these outdoor concerts. Examples of the island's popular and traditional music that reveals a completely new facet, the hallmark of its inhabitants can also be found.

La Virgen del Carmen 16th of July

It takes place in La Savina and Es Pujols on the 16th of July. The Virgin Carmen is the patron saint of sea people. In order to honour the Virgin, a nautical procession is organized. Everyone who wants to, can participate in this procession with their own boat. This day, situated in the middle of the summer calendar, is very important for those who feel that they are seamen. It is traditional at this date, approximately at seven in the afternoon, that all the boats leave the harbour in order to accompany the Virgen del Carmen until the open sea, where the seamen adore the Virgin throwing a flower crown into the water. After some religious words, a group of young people of Formentera dance the typical ball pagés over the very fishing boat which will get the Virgin back to solid ground. Afterwards, all the festive events will take place in the harbour of La Savina.

Pilar de la Mola 12th of october

12th of october formenterenses celebrate "la Virgen del Pilar", in Pilar de la Mola. We will find traditional balls and events. And every sunday we can enjoy with a SPECIAL CRAFTS MARKET.

Sant Jaume 25th of July

Saint James is the patron saint of the island of Formentera and a major fiesta that includes the traditional 'cantada (country folksong), a singular way to solve the disagreements between men and women is held in his honour every July 25th.

This celebration has been taking place for many years, ever since the days when the natives of Formentera still earned their living from farming and fishing, before the advent of tourism in the last half of the twentieth century. Up to eighty farms devoted mainly to cereal farming existed and after months of hard work, July meant the end of work in the fields when the harvesting was finished.

Today, this tradition still lives on in several events, such as the farmers folkdance and the 'cantada. The latter consists of a pair of country folk, a man and a woman, who settle their differences by singing in turn to each other. The 'cantada takes place at the senior citizens club in the afternoon of Saturday, July 26 and is well worth attending. Singers from Ibiza come to take part in the cantada, as Formenteras sister island shares this form of folklore. Most of the families who live in Formentera originally came from Ibiza and these fiestas have always provided a happy opportunity for families from both the Pitiusan islands to get together.

Formentera Cycling Race

The cycling race around Formentera will be one of the high points of this years event. The race takes place after the mass on Saint Jamess day and cycling lovers come from all the Balearic Islands take part in it.

The awards ceremony is held in the afternoon in Plaça de la Constitució in Sant Francesc and dancing and fireworks take place afterwards.