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The beaches of Formentera are unforgettably beautiful and EXCLUSIVE. They are covered with white, fine-grained sandbeaches that give onto wonderfully transparent waters, of a light blue and turquoise hue. Most of the beaches have sunbed services, food and drink stands and have the support of the BLUE FLAGS.
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The combination of lack of waves and lack of cold water currents and a strong influence of the sun create the uniquely warm water temperatures during the whole year. During April and May, the water temperature is 19 ║C, and in June, 22║C. In August and September water temperature rises up to 25║ - 27║ C. Thanks to the oceans thermal inertia, ideal water temperatures are maintained throughout the year.


Another important aspect is the exceptional transparency and visibility of its turquoise waters you will find at the beaches and most of them proudly fly the coveted Blue Flag, highlighting the cleanliness and clarity of the water.


During the summer, most winds have a Southern or Eastern direction and are generally of low intensity.

Naturists / nudism

It's possible enjoy of naturism or nudism in all of its beaches. There's a complet option of liberty of the way you dress or not on the beach. There aren't specific rules and naturists mix comfortably with people choose not being it.

Allocation of the beaches

We have allocated the beaches in 1 area (municipio). Shortly you will be able to read the complete details about all the mentioned beaches by simply clicking into the title. In the meantime we are sorry for any inconvenience.

Beaches in Formentera

Playa ses Illetes, Playa Llevant, Playa Sa Roqueta, Playa Es Pujols, Playa Es Caló, Playa Migjorn, Cala Sahona