the island

The island

The coast of Formentera is marked by great cliffs that tower above long beaches of fine sand, where the visitor can relax in a very well-preserved natural setting.
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Formentera has an area of 83 km2, rounded by a coastline of 69 km, a distance from north to south of 19 km, being its highest point of 190 m.


The island of Formentera only counts with one municipalitie, called Formentera. It also includes the islands of Espalmador and Espardell and counts five villages: San Francisco Javier - the capital, San Fernando, El Pilar de La Mola, La Sabina and Es Pujols. The total population was 7.506 inhabitants in 2005.


Sant Francesc Xavier with 1.500 inhabitants.


The climate is mild during the winter and warm during the summer. The average yearly temperature is 18║C, while the average summer temperature is 25║C, with the average winter temperature being to the order of 11║C. There is little and irregular rainfall, averaging some 400 l/m2 annually. The most rain falls in the autumn and spring months. Winters are normally windy, and occasionally the island can be cut off from Ibiza due to maritime conditions. The total number of wind frequency days is to the order of 94.5%, with the calm day frequency reaching a level of 5.5%.


The main industry is the tourism. 75 % of the population get their income directly or indirectly from the tourism sector. We also find Salt industry, a few of agricultural-cultivation, and Crafts.
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Formentera belongs to the Autonomous region of the Balearic Islands, which Statute of Autonomy an autonomic government recognizes. Also, there exists an insular government (Insular Advice) for each of the islands. The Parliament of the Balearic Islands has the legislature.
The Balearic Islands are integrated to Spain, with a parliamentary monarchy, country that at present is governed by the socialistic party in a climate of entire democracy, which assures the calmness to the citizens and to the visitors of the country. The actual mayor from Formentera is Mr. Isidoro Torres.


98 % of the inhabitants belong to the roman catholic church. There are some centers of other diferents religions.


The oficial languages are spanish and catalan, with ist local dialect, "formenteres".